Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling can help you promote your business or brand to potential customers across the Blue Mountains region.

Our events are held at festivals and clubs from Oberon through to Richmond including Lithgow, Blackheath, Katoomba and Springwood. Sponsorship with us has the potential to capture local and or regional customers to your business.

We offer three sponsorship packages, one off event, yearly sponsorship or wrestler sponsorship (wrestler will receive a percentage). Your business logo and website will feature on our events posters, at least two ring announcements made by our professional ring announcer at all events, your business banners displayed at all events, website logo and link, social media plugs on facebook and instagram, business name mentioned in newspaper articles.

You can sponsor a wrestler. Your business will be announced as the official sponsor of the wrestler during his or her entrance to the ring, business will be displayed on all match graphics leading up to the event, wrestler will promote your business on his or her social media accounts, business logo or website will be linked on wrestler profile page on our website, wrestler will wear any branded clothing of your business to the ring.

This is a great way to support our local wrestlers as the wrestler you choose to sponsor will receive more than 50% of the sponsorship.

We can get your business or brand exposure at popular festivals including Lithgow Ironfest (avg 17,000 visitors each year), Winter Magic Festival (est 20,000, 2019 participation pending) Oberon Agricultural show (avg 3,000)