By Bluey Pro Insider Edmondson

By Blue Pro Insider: Edmondson

11. Hunter Valley Feud Comes To Lithgow

The mysterious Misfit made his way to the Blue Mountains for the first as he went up against The Buccaneer. Misfit had some black mist on hand for Buccaneer unseen by referee Moon, Misit made the pin with a school boy to get the first win. Buccaneer would challenge Misfit after the match to a rematch at 3pm. This time Buccaneer, also wrestling for the first time in Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling was ready for the black mist attack, Buccaneer covered the mouth of Misfit and forced Misfit to swallow the mist. The man from the seven seas managed to deliver a power slam on the dazed Misfit to get the pin. These two charismatic grapple’rs have battled it out many times before across the Hunter Valley region.

Black mist gives Misfit the first win

10. Second Loss For Oberon’s McKlir

Young upcoming star Alastair McKlir hasn’t gotten off to a great start in Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling. The Oberon local had his shoulders pinned to the mat for the second time on April 27 against Keegan Brettle. McKlir’s first lost came against fellow Oberon local Roswell at the Oberon show back on the 9th of February. McKlir needs to secure his first soon to have any chance in moving up the heritage rankings.

9. Referee Moon Reappears

Former Nightmare wrestling and Showtime Wrestling Alliance referee Warren Moon returned to the Aussie wrestling scene on Saturday April 27. Moon refereed all matches on the first day of Ironfest (except LVC). Moon had many years away from the scene before being contacted by Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling management on a return. Moon has since gone on to referee matches up in the Central Coast.

8. Mako & Gibson A New Tag Team Despite Lose?

Tag team wrestling could see a permanent home in the Blue Mountains with Bluey Pro officials looking at Donnie Mako and Jake Gibson as a potential new tag team combination going forward. A young tag team from Wollongong were in consideration for the spot at Ironfest but management opted to go with Mako and Gibson. The unlikely combination of Big Fudge and Lex Lennock captured the win against Mako and Gibson.

7. Locals Demand Women’s championship

Blue Mtns management has been approached by a local Katoomba fan suggesting more women’s wrestling be showcased at our events. The man even went as far to offer to pay all expenses to produce a women’s wrestling championship belt.

6. Sommers Henchman Returns

Blue Mtns fans will remember Bishop Sommers controversial capture of the Blue Mtns world heritage championship back in December of 2015 when we saw the arrival of long time ally Jengis Kong. Sommers would then go on to form the group know as “Heroes” with Kong himself, Ryan Eagles and Coby Starr. Jengis Kong and Bishop Sommers friendship goes back many years but we are yet to know the real reason why Kong has returned alone. Or has he?

5. Bathurst’s Ace Fenton Returns

Former Australian heavyweight champion and Bathurst local Ace Fenton was on hand to referee and present the Lithgow Valley Cup on April 27. Fans will remember Ace when he presented Robbie Eagles with the Blue Mtns world heritage championship back on December 13 2014. Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling are looking at having Ace involved on future shows.

Mindy Meltdown gets her first win

4. New Stars Emerge From Wrestle Strong Dojo

Three new wrestlers debuted for Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling over the Ironfest weekend. From Windsor D.B Robertson showed great energy and hunger but couldn’t manage to secure a win over his trainer Dean Draven. From Mexico El Mas Terrible also showed great potential but couldn’t match the skill and experience of veteran Dean Draven. Women’s wrestling returned for the first since July 2016 with Jamin Vittora taking on the Mindy Meltdown. In her debut match Meltdown managed to capture the three count despite some shenanigans from Keegan Brettle at ringside.

3. Ironfest 2020?

Ironfest founder Mac Ross had the following to say about Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling appearing at the 2020 Ironfest. ” I’m thinking: hell yeah! – but we need to have our first planning meeting next month before I can confirm”

2. Keegan Earns Championship Match

The much improved Keegan Brettle won a contenders match on the second day of Ironfest defeating the likes of Lex Lennock, Roswell and Jay Sorbet. Brettle is certainly on some what of a winning streak after wins in Oberon against Jorg Wolfgang, Roswell and a win against Alastar McKlir on the first day of Ironfest. Keegan also went on to compete in the first ever Lithgow Valley cup finals match but was eliminated by a flying Jengis Kong off the top rope. Keegan will no doubt be ranking high when the official rankings are released.

  1. Veteran Draven Captures First Even Lithgow Valley Cup
Draven with the LVC

Penrith’s Dean Draven was crowned the first ever Lithgow Valley Cup winner on the first day of Ironfest. Draven had his first win against rookie D.B Roberton to advance to the triple threat match against Jengis Kong and Keegan Brettle. Keegan was the first to be eliminated which left veterans Kong and Draven to battle it out for the cup. Draven managed to fend off a clothesline from Kong and locked in the crossface which led to a tap out. Draven now has a future Blue Mtns world heritage title match and climbs the official heritage rankings.

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