Ace Fenton with the LVC, contenders Keegan Brettle, Jengis Kong and Dean Draven

The first annual Lithgow Valley Cup (LVC) took place at Ironfest on Saturday, April 27 with crowds witnessing all of the action, drama and bone crushing manoeuvres of live pro wrestling.

Penrith’s 22 year veteran Dean Draven who is a wrestling submission specialist won the title of the cup.

According to former Lithgow resident and Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling promoter Marek Indyka, Draven was far too strong for final contenders Keegan Brettle and Jengis Kong.

Indyka also said the LVC was a great success for Ironfest and Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling. 

“We had former Australian heavyweight champion Ace Fenton on hand to present the cup to our eventual winner and all the matches at Ironfest were very well received,” he said.

He also said there were many new wrestlers who made their debut, some who returned and won championship opportunities, and a lot of people wanting to be involved in wrestling.

“There was a lot of interest so thank you to the Ironfest organisers who have given us a great opportunity in Lithgow it’s been a pleasure to bring pro wrestling to Australia’s festival of the weird and wonderful,” he said.

Dean Draven with the Lithgow Valley Cup

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