D.B Robertson

Windsor wrestler D.B Robertson will make his professional wrestling debut for Blue Mtns Pro Wrestling on April 27 at Lithgow’s Ironfest. D.B spoke with staff from bluemountainsprowrestling.com.au about how be became a pro wrestling fan and becoming a pro wrestler.

“I first watched wrestling when I was five or six, it was back when WCW was on channel nine. First names of wrestling discovered were Sting, Vamprio and Goldberg. Me and my brothers were hooked and we used to play our own matches. Then it lead to video games on the the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation. I then caught on to new stars like Kane, The Undertaker , The Rock, Stone Cold, The Hardy’s, Edge and Christian, among others. As I got older we rented old WWF and WCW VHS tapes and watch old match’s, it didn’t matter what year or how old it was my brother and myself would just watch the pay per view and had a blast. Then it got to a time where I’d follow it week by week on the WWE.com to then watching it weekly.”

D.B Robertson has been training with the Wrestle Strong Dojo in Penrith. Head trainers are Dean Draven and Amy Action.

“My brothers and myself all wanted to be wrestlers, but growing up in Dubbo we didn’t have that opportunity. I left Dubbo in August of last year and moved to the Hawkesbury. With in a couple of weeks I did some research on wrestling schools, made some calls and got recommended to the Wrestle Strong Dojo.

D.B also competes in Country power lifting championships.

My week usually consists of four days of power lifting training and three days of wrestling training. Lisa and Dean as coach’s have gotten me to where I need to be, correcting bumps and skills and always perfecting what I learn from them.

Catch D.B Robertson at Ironfest in Lithgow on April 27 from 11am. Tickets at ironfest.net

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